Physical On Premises Solution

The Licentia IP Video Router provides a powerful and flexible solution allowing multiple contributors (suppliers of content) to provide video streams to a subscriber (consumer of content). This is easily implemented as a physical device inside the subscribers network. 

The subscriber implements a system that allows contributors to inject video streams. This provides subscribers with the ability to remain in control of their side of their physical infrastructure, maintaining their security, protecting their decode chain and yet being able to change video streams quickly and easily. 


Virtual Cloud Service Model

The IP Video Router provides a highly scalable means to allow multiple contributors and multiple subscribers to work together when implemented as a private or public cloud solution.

A contributor (supplier of content) signs up to the service and provides video streams, each of which can be made available to one or more subscribers (consumers of content). Contributors can manage access to their content quickly and efficiently.

Subscribers sign up to the service and select streams they have been granted access to. They can assign a stream to their chosen destination without firewall changes. They remain in control of their side of the virtual and physical infrastructure, maintaining the security protecting their decode chain, yet being able to change video streams quickly and easily.

The cloud service model allows users to be both contributors and subscribers within a broadcaster neutral solution with a “self service” model of use. 

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